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Nerds With Alcohol Show

We're nerds and we like to drink while talking about all of our favorite nerdy things.  Join us as we explore the movies, TV shows, comics, books, and many other things that have shaped our world.  

Oct 26, 2017

Russ is back and this week we cover the costumes, pageantry, and debauchery that is Theater Bizarre. We also get into some of the current nerd TV shows and how we think they are doing. We talk Stranger Things as the countdown gets close to the new season starting. We discuss Chris' recent appearance on the IT in the...

Oct 19, 2017

Due to extremely high work volume at his main job and having to get ready for, and work, Theater Bizzare, this Friday and Saturday Russ was not able to make it again this week. In his place we have two special guests, Alexandra (who you may remember from episode 19) and Pete. They do a great job filling in while we talk...

Oct 12, 2017

The title says it all. We bring the video game segment back for the first time in a while. We talk about movies, recent releases, older films, and some new trailers for upcoming movies. Of course, as always, there's alcohol and our usual bad jokes and silliness.

Oct 7, 2017

This week we take a suggestion from a listner and talk about how to get back to your nerd roots if you've been out of nerd-dom for a while. We talk about TV, comics, and games along with a lot of other stuff as always. We also discuss our theories for the next season of Game of Thrones to wrap-up Throne Watch. All this...