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Nerds With Alcohol Show

We're nerds and we like to drink while talking about all of our favorite nerdy things.  Join us as we explore the movies, TV shows, comics, books, and many other things that have shaped our world.  

Sep 28, 2017

Russ returns to the Nerd Cave this week and we're back to our old shenanigans. We talk alcohol, Ren Fest, comics, gaming, and more. We also wrap up the Game of Thrones season by breaking down the last episode of season 7.

Sep 23, 2017

This week we have Renee and Ed filling in for the absent Russ. We talk about this being the 15th anniversary of the premier of Firefly. We talk the new Star Trek: Discovery starting this week. We also talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, Farscape, the Punisher trailer, and so much more.

Sep 14, 2017

This week we continue with Throne Watch as we recap Episode 6. We talk about the passing of comic book legend Len Wein. We cover the maiden voyage of The Orville as it sets off on it's journey as one of the first shows to premier this fall. Of course we also have the usual mayhem, stories from the Renaissance Festival,...

Sep 8, 2017

This week we are recording a little late due to some scheduling issues because of the holiday on Monday. Russ provides some more stories from the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Chris talks about his Fantasy Football draft, and attempts to explain it to Russ. In Throne Watch we breakdown the Game of Thrones season 7...